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'84 R65LS: Hard Pulling Brakes

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Brian Hartman
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I replaced a leaking master cylinder on my ‘84 R65LS. The easy two finger pull is gone. Not knowing any better I just ordered my replacement from the parts fiche and now need a solid four finger pull. The new cylinder is a 15mm and I’ve since discovered that some LS’s used a 12mm and some a 15mm. Of course the 12mm is no longer available. I can’t believe I would have done this but I apparently threw my old one away. My assumption is that it was a 12. First, would a 15mm master that’s mismatched to the calipers account for the hard pull? Second, are my only choices replacing the calipers to match the 15mm master or finding a rebuilt 12mm? 

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Posted : 05/06/2022 10:32
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Frank Jarrell
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Yes if you replaced a 12 MM master with 15 MM master then the pull will be substantially harder. EME has 12MM in stock. Probably other people as well. Be sure that it fits you bike. I am not your parts guy. 🙂 It might be possible to change out just the master cylinder and not the whole hand grip

Posted : 05/06/2022 10:52
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Brian Hartman
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@frankj Thanks!

Posted : 05/06/2022 11:24
Richard W
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You'd also do better to replace the OEM rubber brake hoses with modern "stainless steel" brake hoses, while the brake system is apart. See....

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Posted : 07/11/2022 08:58


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