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Nikasal delamination

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Joe Marrone
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Hi All, first post to the forum, hope I'm the right place. I live in Colfax CA and have recently started an r100rs resto/build. May end up scrambler or bobber or cafe or a combination. Just not sure yet. It was given to me for free with good reason. Been sitting for 20 years with 33k on it.  The mice and even bumblebees, live, that weren't happy to see me got through the airbox and got through the carbs. I've got the bike stripped down, gearbix and cyclinders pulled and have noticed a decent amount of delamination on one of the cylinders near the top. I'm aasuming its the nikasil delaminating. Bike has sat out for 20 years. Finally, the question I have is... what might my options be on that cylinder? Also if anyone is near Colfax that could recommend a good machine shop netqeen here and Sacramento for the airheads that would be great. Thanks in advance.


Posted : 07/08/2023 20:06
Steven Rankin
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Hello Joe,  There is not much you can do with nikasil in the way of repairing it.  Back years ago I had issues with the nikasil jugs on my RT.  Then, the cost of replacing the jugs, rings and pistons with BMW parts was prohibitive for my budget.  I had the nikasil bored out, cast iron sleeves pressed in and bought new rings and pistons to match.

Now a day, there are after market replacement kits on the market sold first by Siebenrock in Germany and now EME or Boxer two Valve.    With the kit, you get nikasil jugs, rings and Pistons for less the cost of BMW OM parts.

Frankly, I don't have long term wear information on these parts but then I am NOT a fan of the BMW nikasil jugs as they failed me at a low mileage.  I don't buy into the hype the are better than cast iron.  LOL the cast iron sleeves and such in my RT have lasted three times longer than the OM nikasil.

Can't help you on a shop recommendation, sorry, hope other helps. St.

Beware! I do not suffer fools gladly! St.

Posted : 07/12/2023 09:37


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