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Colorado to Pennsylvania Late September

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Michael Benko
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Hey all!

So here's the trip idea and dates: ride from Boulder Co to Philadelphia PA starting September 23 and arriving by October 8. I'll fly in to Denver on September 20 to do some maintenance (brake cleaning, oil change at a minimum) on my bike that is currently parked there. The outfit is a 1989 r100rs with Ural sidecar; left it in Colorado after the first part of a long tour. Hoping to camp the whole way back home to Phila, maybe airbnb etc. I'd love if anyone wants to join up for a leg or has insight with respect to good stops between these destinations- feel free to DM.

Start: Boulder Co

1 Las Animas Co (253) OR Lakin Ks (330)
2 Salt Plains Ok (360/243)
3 Lake Fort Smith, Ar (300)
4 Uncle Willie Huffines Park, Ar (160)
5 Meeman Shelby Forest, Tn (190)
6 Bankhead National Forest, Al (206)
7 Chatahoochee Oconee National Forest, Ga (200)
8 Asheville, Nc (136)
9 Peters Mountain Wilderness Trail (appalachian trail), VA (230)
10 Berkely Springs, Wv (HOT SPRINGS) (250)
11 Philadelphia Pa (201)

There will be some down days in there. Previous trips suggest that I'm only really going to move about 90 mi/2 hours, which sounds horrifically slow but is also just the reality of it somehow. If anyone wants to help out with some basic wrenching in Boulder I'd appreciate it! Mostly worried about changing the oil filter in an airhead and that O-ring deal.

Thoughts? Questions? Prayers? Want to join for a leg? Know of better nearby destinations that permit camping etc? Come at me.

Posted : 08/16/2023 16:10
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Joe Hall
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If you were leaving 2-3 days earlier we'd probably pass each other, going opposite directions. I am leaving Sunday, Sept 18th for Montrose CO, and hope to be there mid afternoon Wednesday. Would love to ride the 95 R100RT, but it's a GoldWing gathering. Besides, I will be towing a trailer, which I also sleep in. Have looked into trailer towing with the Airhead, but probably not a good idea. 

I am sure we'll both have fun, and pray we stay safe.

Joe H 

Posted : 08/28/2023 10:12
Michael Benko
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Joe- I appreciate your response. maybe we will get lucky and see each other anyways; I'll be sure to be on the lookout for your trailer.

Posted : 08/29/2023 11:00
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