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Heads up on scammers fishing wanted ads

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Tobias Sullivan
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Hi- Probably not a new topic and but I wasn't sure where to post this but wanted to give all a heads up. Someone (responded to my ad for a pre-70s /2 or R69 offered to sell me their R69S for only $10,000. Unfortunately, the genuine one sold on Bring A Trailer a couple of weeks ago for $25K. Anyway "Godwill Fred" isn't being his brothers keeper.

Posted : 03/16/2022 06:42
Joe Cullen reacted
Joe Cullen
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yes i concur re 'god will Fred'. what a dickhead. he nearly got me a month ago for some used parts i was looking for. his scam is to send the money thru paypal to his daughters. i/m just a sucker but not this time.  BEWARE!

Posted : 09/08/2022 11:06


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