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Richard Whatley
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The problem with answering technical questions is that there are 100 flavors of the same top 5 to 8 questions. Most web sites handle this by placing good answers, which are often updated or improved over time, in a permanent position at the top of the forum. Then the answer to 99% of the questions can be had by simply referring a question to the pertinent "Stickie". The advantage of this is that the permanent response can be long and much more detailed than most members might feel like adding during their brief, once-a-week scan of the forum. 

If the forum software does not allow Stickies, then we need a new sub-forum in which to place these same posts. This would not be a place for the typical question-and-answer format, but a read-only forum where important Airhead information could be placed. This would be the repository for answers to the Top 10 Issues

I feel this is important because 1. the same questions keep being asked over and over, 2. the Search function on this web site is cumbersome so finding answers is not easy, and 3. it would better serve our changing membership. What I mean by this last bit is that increasingly new members did not grow up riding Airheads in the 1970's and so "common" knowledge such as the "$2000 O-ring" isn't common anymore. We can't count on new members reading 39 pages of Snowbum on their own volition before they trip over and finally discover these bits of "must have" Airhead trivia. What I'm saying is that "common knowledge" is increasingly uncommon as a new generation of riders discover Airheads. 

If the Club's mission is to keep Airheads on the road, then this knowledge needs to be readily available, sorted and cataloged for new members on Day 1 of their membership. There are now 4 or 5 good Airhead forums on the internet for Q&A, so having Q&A is not enough. Snowbum is getting older and at some point his web site will be turned OFF. The time to become the go-to place for Airhead knowledge is now, while there are still some gray heads that remember.


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Posted : 06/24/2022 12:33
Craig Willson
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I enthusiastically agree with this suggestion. 


Posted : 06/25/2022 03:14
David Elkow
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I certainly agree. It’s a very similar trend on various Airhead FB groups. The same questions asked over and over again. I am 67 and have been on an Airhead since 1977. Suzukis before that. And we grew up in a world where you diagnosed and repaired all your vehicles and powered equipment. It’s not a slam, but if folks were born in the 70’s or 80’s and beyond, they just didn’t grow up in that world. These motorcycles are not complicated, but you can’t just plug in a diagnostic tool and read a fault code. You are the diagnostic tool. It’s kind of a learned discipline, how to approach and “zero in” on a problem. It takes patience and careful, logical thought. And, so many times, just stepping back for a bit will allow answers or next steps to come to light. The process can be momentarily frustrating, but overall I think it is fun and satisfying. 

Anyway, I digress. I do think a “top 10 must read” forum,  or whatever, would be useful. 

Posted : 06/26/2022 05:42
John Deikis
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I guess nobody picked up on this idea. Too bad. 🙁

Posted : 02/26/2023 21:45
John Ehrhart reacted


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