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Richard Whatley
Member Moderator

In using the forum, I find that most people simply want help with their motorcycle repair issues. Under the current system they are left to choose one of 3 forums to post within. Since the various BMW models covered by "Airhead" are so similar it doesn't make sense to segregate by model. Maybe more definitive categories would be helpful.... like "Parts", "Engine", "Gearbox and Drive", "Electrical", "Wheels and Brakes", etc ??

This would definitely help interested parties do "Searches".

Just thinking out loud. B)

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Topic starter Posted : 06/01/2016 09:36
Anthony Lonigro
Eminent Member

I would recommend just putting the info into the title of the post. For instance: "Question regarding my transmission"..... make sense?


Posted : 06/01/2016 10:07
Scot Marburger
Member Moderator

In the good old days, back when the email based AirList was sponsored and managed by the ABC, moderators would cull like messages and create a technical article based on the topic that was then migrated to the technical area of the ABC web site. Rather than clutter up the technical topic of the forums up with many different subtopics, we'll pursue the same strategy here.

One change we are contemplating is merge the "My Airhead Needs Help" topic into the general technical discussion area, as posts there are often better addressed by those who frequent the technical discussions.

Posted : 06/01/2016 13:52


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