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Running rough at 3000 to 4000 rpm

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Allan Laxdal
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Thanks Richard

Bullet point work, what I do is print out what you and I have said and make notes, going back and forth on the screen has me going in circles.

Will be a while sorting this, Cheri's bike parts are in, her new F650 single crapped out on her first ride and she was already in love with it, better make her happy.

Thanks again

Posted : 11/23/2023 19:40
Richard Whatley
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Of course ! The boss comes first. 😋 

• If the bike cranks and runs at all, then connector corrosion may be "an issue", but is not "the issue". What I want you to do is get a $6 tub of No-Ox-Id (HERE) and anytime you have to remove a fuse, connector, relay, battery cable... simply apply a dab before reconnecting the item. Over the course of a year you will have hopefully treated about 80% of the harness and you'll see brighter lights and hear louder horns. Then you'll know things that you can't see, like charge rates and ignition reliability, are also improving.

• The other items are a work-on-as-can. In your shoes, I'd be putting a teaspoon of StarTron into each tank. In this way the cleaner can be "deep cleaning" the carb where you can't even see, and you'll also have stabilized fuel for any surprise snow storm that keeps you off the road. 

• In truth my friend, these causes are often tiny and very hard to find. When I started riding my '79 RT it took a full year of tinkering and investigating before I thought it was really running "right". In the end, it was the sum of several tiny issues. This is why I dwell on the minuscule details... that seem to drive some people up the wall. I don't mention these details to upset anyone, but rather because I have experienced all these faults for myself.

Think about it. If your motorcycle was a Yugo, then any fault would be glaring because there was no "production quality". But the production quality of an Airhead was so high that the faults, even to this day, can only occur in tiny, hidden places.

All the best.

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Posted : 11/26/2023 11:11
Allan Laxdal
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I did order the NoOx and it is easy to change stabilizer, it is like you say so many little things. It is the little things scenario that tells me to send out the carbs for a deep cleaning, air is not going to push grung out of a tiny passage.  The inside of the gas tank looks pretty good, another good sign but I may do some cleaning there.

There is an ulterior motive to working on Cheri's bike, mine is in pieces for a while! 

Posted : 11/27/2023 08:57
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