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John Deikis
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I'm worn out catching up on all the drama, Duo, Trio, yadda yadda. I don't look here very often but got an email from my Airmarshal as well as a text that shit was hitting the fan, and the walls, and the people in the room. And I believe that most ABC members rarely, if ever, look in on the ABC forums and would be perplexed by all of the hullabaloo.

Dear Board, however many of you are left:

We all seem to have been okay with an Airmail magazine that looks like a high school newspaper for quite a long time. And BJan's been a little bit off his libertarian kilter for a long time. So, why action now?

You (BoD) have a crisis on your hands and you need open up your processes sooner rather than later.

What's the plan for the Airheads Beemer Club?

How will you increase transparency?

Will you review, comment on, and share the suggestions that had been made on updating the bylaws?

John, Michigan


Posted : 01/09/2023 16:50
James Strickland
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The intrigue at the BoD level has almost no bearing on the localized opportunities for members, at least in my state. Most of the members in my state (IL) have not responded to any of my e-mail messages regarding this matter. I guess we will have to wait patiently while this thing shakes out.

Airmarshal, IL.

Posted : 01/10/2023 05:04
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John Deikis
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In my opinion, BoD had the right to fire BJan Hoffman if they wanted to. But, I think the way they did it may have been underhanded. I didn't think he did a particularly good job although I did like his "non-editorial" articles (Renegdes, eyc.). I think he took himself way too seriously and insulted those who disagreed with him in social and political areas. That is NOT in the spirit of the ABC.

I think the ABC needs a lot more transparency and a broader electoral constituency. Perhaps the Duo and the Trio should step aside, two "cartaker" former ABC leaders take over temporarily, and a new Board be elected. Some corporate memory is essential, but there is just too much bad blood at this point.
Save the Airheads!

Posted : 01/11/2023 17:18
Eric Morales
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I think I was one of the first people that asked the BoD about how to slash the cost of running the club. Allow those who want a hardcopy magazine pay the increase cost of $XX and those willing to take the digital format (Which I do for other car tech magazines) can go that route. But thats before I knew our budget was $80K! At $80K I don't understand why we need to split this portion of the decision. This would keep Oak's articles available and our commitment to his wishes. Its a wealth of knowledge from years of attempts, failures and successes. Its that tribal knowledge, me a younger rider (just turned 40) needs! But I also agree with the Trio we need to adapt to change or die as a club. I was at the Missouri BMWMOA and I think there was only one or two other people under the age of 40 there besides me who hung out at the ABC tent. The looks I got from everyone made the situation feel exclusive and not inclusive. Maybe its because I wasn't 65+. You want new and younger members, we'll need to modernize the club. My decision is with the Trio...

Posted : 01/11/2023 19:47
Ran Bush
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Posted by: @emoralesr45

The looks I got from everyone made the situation feel exclusive and not inclusive.

Sorry to hear that, Eric. That's something that we _must_ avoid, if we want to increase the club membership and lower the average age of the membership. In my experience, a lot of the folks at Airhead Central don't always have the "people skills" to welcome a person that they don't already know. And that's not good for the club.

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Posted : 01/13/2023 09:51
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richard k belew
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Posted by: @5556

I'm worn out catching up on all the drama, Duo, Trio, yadda yadda. I don't look here very often but got an email from my Airmarshal as well as a text that shit was hitting the fan, and the walls, and the people in the room.

What John said.  I've also just spent some time trying to connect the story I hear via email + PDF of Airmail Feb'23 with what I find in this forum. 

Reaction#1: Censorship, in the form of black ink in printed newsletters, potential misuse of official email addresses, potential misuse of this forum and website links... would be the reason I'd turn my back on this organization no matter how much value I've gained from it.  The BoD must realize that if they've lost our trust at this level, independent of whatever current bylaws happen to say, any future they imagined cannot happen.

Reaction#2: Let's hold issues regarding the "electronic" treatment of Old's archive to the side for the moment.  Tim Roberts quote's BJan as saying removing it from his PDF version is a "piece of cake" from his point of view, and there are plenty of even easier ways to separate content from online/printed publishing streams.

Then, as a member who has become 1000% more engaged in our club than previously, I request that the current BoD work actively to open their decision-making.  The current Duo/Trio binary choice seems to reflect lots of historical animus and not be generating many constructive next steps. 

Part of the change sounds like getting unfilled Airmarshall spots filled.  I've interacted with Ran Bush and would welcome him representing me.  But it sounds as if the current bylaws are clearly not handling things and I strongly encourage current BoD members to extend beyond their specifics to get as broad-based a vote as possible across the full club membership.  And simpler polling forum members here could help to sharpen the alternatives put to a (more) official membership vote.

Posted : 01/13/2023 13:55
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Eric Morales
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    Thanks for the reply. I made the best of the situation as I met up with a friend I met via the Facebook Airheads BMW Motorcycle Riders. He made the trip worth it, and as he is an older gentleman it helped with getting involved in conversations at the tent. 




Posted : 01/14/2023 17:40
John Deikis
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We could probably do a lot better at Airhead Central.

I've been hanging at the Air Central for years. I guess I just haven't gotten to know many people but always feel like a bit of an outsider. When I stick my neck out and talk to someone, they're usually welcoming and friendly. But I have to stick my neck out. Be great if the guys who seem to know a lot of people would be a bit more in "greeter mode." Still, it's like-minded riders on the bikes I'm interested in, and soft chairs and a place to chill your beers and get a bite to eat.



Posted : 01/15/2023 12:59
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Doyle Smith
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Maybe the best way for a younger or new member to integrate, is to bring a bike that needs some work to a Tech Day or Airhead Tent . If it's your first Airhead purchase for under $10,000, it's likely it needs something. That'll serve as an "icebreaker" and you'll get some hands on skills as well.

Posted : 01/16/2023 09:08
Curtis Henry
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@5556 I also have been hanging out in Aircentral for years.  First time at the MOA at Trenton Ontario.  It was a like Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees.  At first, I just sat there with little contact with the troop of primates.  After a while one came up and spoke to me, asking if I would help with a housekeeping task.  I found that volunteering I made friends.  I cook, wash dishes, sit for hours in the Airstore and just pick up trash.  Aircentral is not a spectator sport, you got to get in the game.

Aircentral has become friendlier over the years.  I am in the process of writing instructions for Aircentral.  I plan to add a job description for greeter.

I see great things happening in the ABC and am very excited about the MOA and RA Rallies.

Posted : 01/20/2023 09:31
John Deikis
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Posted by: @5542

@5556   I am in the process of writing instructions for Aircentral.  I plan to add a job description for greeter.

I see great things happening in the ABC and am very excited about the MOA and RA Rallies.

Agree 100%. I too have taken to hopping up and doing something that needs to be done. A "greeter job description" is a great idea and folks walking into the tent who know the ropes can just sign up to greet for an hour or two. They can then keep an eye out for anyone that walks in. If they greet an old timer they don't recognize, well then they have made a new friend. If they greet a newby, the new person has a friend. Win-win.


Posted : 01/20/2023 10:16
Joe Brinkmann
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I have been the host state for the MOA national rally twice. I try to go out of my way to welcome people if I see they are just trying to get the lay of the land. The problem is many of the people there attend nearly every year, so they do know most of the other people. That's hard to overcome in any setting, but if you're new, lead with that. No one will ignore you if you just introduce yourself and say you're new to the scene. Also, every AM should promote attendance to their members and suggest they volunteer, particularly if it's your first time. I assure you, the help will be greatly appreciated and you will meet a lot of new people. 

Also - if anyone felt I didn't welcome them, I do apologize. It was hot, there was a lot to do, and there are always a couple people that make things a bit more difficult. You may have caught me at a bad moment. 


Last - Curt - I'd like to help with the guidelines for the future hosts. Put me in coach. 

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Posted : 01/23/2023 07:27
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jack klauschie jr
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Mr. Hille and Board members:

This is a great question. 

The answer is simple in my view and starts with the BoD. Answer our questions. Here is a start.

Oak's Articles - As I understand the Board's decision, the on-line version of Airmail will be the same as the printed version. If this is correct the Board has made a deliberate decision to abandon Oak's articles and content. Please confirm or clarify this for the benefit of members.

Road Wolf Design - Please provide to members how much will be paid to this company to produce the Airmail. Circulating or posting a copy of the contract would be appropriate to maintain transparency for members.

AirMail - I did not find one on the web site for January. I did not find a link on the website to the electronic version. I did not receive an e-mail with one attached. Where is a member going to find a "copy" and will we receive an e-mail with one attached?

BofD Minutes - I did not find a link to Minutes on the web site. Where are Minutes made available to members?

Treasuer's Reports - Where can a member look on-line to see how dues are being spent? I did not find a link.

Were the current Directors elected by a majority of Air Marshalls?

I look forward to the Board's responses.

Jack #16475

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Posted : 01/23/2023 22:59
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Edward Adams
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@jarthur  100% on point Jack.  My question from the moment this debacle went public was asking the BoD’s to respond how they are going to answer questions.   And later WHY are they not answering publicly.  What is going on?  

As for the Oak’s articles and materials; it was mentioned several times that Oak preferred to not have an electronic version as it was intended for increasing interest/sales for the Airheads Magazine, correct?  Ok then leave the Oak material in the printed version and leave it out of the online version. Seems like a quintessential Airhead solution-simple by choice, no? The BoD’s working to purchase the  entire rights to Oak’s material for distribution via ABC - exclusively!- would be a good use of all those funds in the bank that thye were hiding, or maybe not hiding, but definitely mis-representing when saying that the club needed drastic changes to attract new members because of dire need for the future.  

my 0.2cents


AirheadEd - 16830

Posted : 01/24/2023 01:28
John Deikis
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I believe the "Oak's articles" issue has been answered a few times on other threads. YES in the print version; NO in the on-line version of Airmail.

The future viability of the ABC is not only related to money in the bank (hidden or otherwise). (Hidden?!) Younger (not "young) folks who are starting to have the discretionary income to buy what is gradually becoming a collectible in the motorcycle world (whether ridden or not) have to be in ABC's future or we will go the way of the Goldwing Road Riders, or the Sons of Spanish-American War Veterans (I guess that's not fair; they are still viable). I have had "youngsters" riding Mighty Morphin Ranger-type crotch rockets admire my /5 Toaster. Simplicity is not necessarily lost on them. Let's at least make an attempt to be somewhat relevant to these new folks. More tech days? More "how-to-do-it" articles, perhaps adapted (with permission, of course) from Snowbum, Tom Cutter, Duane Ausherman, William Plam, Anton Largiader, etc.

The "Oak articles" just get buried in a stack of old Airmails (yes, I have the old catalog of articles). But today, when somebody has a question, they don't wait for a magazine, they call someone or Google it. How-to articles are easily searchable on the web-- as they would be with an electronic Airmail. And with some editing, maybe even the writing of some of our esteemed Airhead gurus could be made more consumable. 😉

We certainly have had potential members who are more drawn to the Vintage BMW MOC and that's ok. That may be a "collectors' club" with some riders, and ABC is a "riders club" with some collectors. Room for both. I sure don't want to show up at Airhead Central in 10 years and find myself around a bunch of 85 year-olds in electric scooters. (A few is okay, but I would hope most members could still ride to a rally).

Let's keep the old bike and polish the chrome.

John Deikis

p.s.: I agree, we need some pro-active input and transparency from the BoD NOW!

Posted : 01/24/2023 11:50
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