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1992 R100R battle of the legends bike

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charles mileur
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about a month ago I bought a 1992 R100R. it looked good ,and had a lot of upgrades I liked. last week a 1992 R100R from a BMW promo called " Battle of the legends " sold in an online auction. while watching I realized my bike was one of the 12 bikes used in the promo. during the auction someone mentioned the possible location of a 3rd bike. so I am wondering if anyone knows where any of the other 9 bikes might be? I thought it might be fun to get together at the MOA rally, or maybe Daytona. it would look pretty cool outside  airhead central with 12 purple bikes parked in a row. 

Posted : 01/27/2022 09:58
Larry A. Chabira
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Purple????   The legends bikes were all white

Posted : 01/27/2022 19:29
Richard W
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Posted by: @2659

Purple????   The legends bikes were all white

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Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 01/28/2022 06:51
charles mileur
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not in 1992 ? , first year was purple, all the riders signed the gas tank with a sharpie. in 1993 someone came with the idea of a special paintjob.

Posted : 01/28/2022 08:32
Larry A. Chabira
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I stand corrected


Posted : 01/28/2022 19:36
Justin Morrison
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I own the Don Vesco bike from the Battle of the Legends. Had the book for this event but gave it to a sales rep at BMW Kearney Mesa, San Diego (it was gathering dust in my storage unit.)

Bikes had 40mm carbs, otherwise bone stock so far as I can tell. Love my bike. 3rd owner. 

It's for sale, BTW:

Has a Henderson precision driveshaft, rebuilt trans, Enduralast charging system, alpha ignition, Koso speedometer (kept stock parts in storage), and an Ohleans shock recently serviced and set up for a 170lb rider. I have a standard shock as well. Brand new tires front and back.

Disclosure: the bike is curbed at the moment and I haven’t had time to sort out the issue. It could be the transmission, driveshaft, or final drive related. Could also be clutch but I doubt it.
I’ll be able to say more when I dig in deeper and am conflicted about whether I service the bike and keep it, service it and sell it, or sell it as is.
It’s been well maintained and had all the upgrades. Looks great at 10 feet but is otherwise well love and ridden often. In other words, not a garage queen.
Excellent compression. Bearings are in decent shape.
Approx 130k miles. Self-service records going back 13 years. Know the previous owner (who was the 2nd) and I bought it at 79k.
Serviced for 10+ years under the scrutiny and mentorship, and in the garage of B Jan, who owns the same model and year bike (which was convenient when I needed tools and parts!)
Posted : 01/18/2023 15:23
Rob Tayloe
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It is my understanding that the airhead Battle of the Legends bikes were fitted with a somewhat longer rear suspension so as to increase clearance for the cylinder heads in corners.  The increased clearance for the heads meant that the stock center stands were not quite long enough to be useful.  The fix for the center stand was to weld a bead (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick) along the bottom of the center stand.

As I got older it became more difficult for me to heft my 93 R100GS/PD up on the center stand.  Re-Psycle BMW had one of the modified BotL center stands and sold it to me.  This BotL center stand is perfect for my GS.  It is easy to deploy (somewhat like the "rideoff" center stands that some use on R100RTs).

Posted : 01/22/2023 07:32
Dean Klein
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On the first day I worked at a BMW dealership, I sold a Battle of the Legends bike; with saddlebags and tank bag.  Full pop.

Hero to dealer, friend to this day.

Posted : 01/24/2023 08:08


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