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G'day from BMWloco

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Dean Klein
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Been riding BMWs since 20 when a buddy had a baby on the way and gave me a sweet deal on a 1977 BMW R75/7 with only 15k on the clocks.  Rode it to 70k.  By then I had purchased a 1966 R60/2.  Both parents were battling the big C, and well, one had to go.  I rode the R60/2 for my only transport for a couple years.

Post that?  A couple RS's, five R80G/S, one very snakebit R100GS (loathe 'em until this day).  Happily after 30 bikes, the R60/2 remains along with a beater R100RS sans faring but with 44 liter tank and F650 Paris-Dakar bars.  The perfect go anywhere twin rear shock twin.


Posted : 09/12/2020 18:45
steve giannotti
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I was a harley man for years, then I test rode a R1100RT and never looked back

Posted : 09/13/2020 08:54
Richard W
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Welcome Aboard !

I rode Triumphs for longer than I want to admit. Now I wished I had converted sooner. I love not being tethered by an invisible 100 mile riding radius. 

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 09/15/2020 15:04
Dean Klein
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Other than two Ducati's in the fold, a 750 Monster (that was built, and traded for a R100RS) and a 900SS SP #13 from the factory.  But... air cooled BMWs always shared berthing space with 'em.  And we know who lasted year in, year out.

Posted : 05/17/2021 15:25


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