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[Solved] Good mid-atlantic machine shop?

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Dave Berquist
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Looking for a good machine shop to take my heads for a refresh - 90K on a 76 r90/6 and winter is sort of here.  Has anyone used Bob's BMW in Jessup MD? Or, any other recommendation in mid-atlantic region - I'm in Chesapeake VA, on the coast down by the NC border.  Thanks!

Posted : 01/28/2023 18:28
Michael Benko
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The airmail magazines might be able to help you; check out the various ads. Heading to an airhead meet up would be a good place to shmooze and find the good mechanics... but the closest I know to you off the top of my head as a brand new guy would be in Trenton, NJ. I'm sure there's somebody closer and hope someone else chimes in.

Posted : 07/28/2023 10:21
Richard W
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Consult the Airmail ads, or not knowing anything else I'd trust Bob's. He's beem in business a LONG time.

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 07/29/2023 04:38
Nick Stokes
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You may want to give Morton's in Fredericksburg a call (540.891.9844).  They work on vintage motorcycles and may be able to recommend a shop if they don't do that work.  They have always been helpful with my parts and gear.



Yorktown, VA

Posted : 07/29/2023 18:00


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