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Mark Schmitz
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Hi. I'm Mark and I'm an alco...  Oh wait... wrong group.

My wife and I recently moved from the Chicago suburbs to Gilford New Hampshire. My wife is from Concord NH which is why we picked this area to retire.   I'm a longtime Airhead owner with the occasional Norton sneaking in.  I enjoy wrenching on things and I'm in the process of setting up my new shop.  My current airhead lineup is a R90/6, R50/2.  I recently added an sad "barn find' R60/2 which is my current project.   I'm not much of a "club" person but I do miss the camaraderie & debauchery of Trig's Friday Beer Crew.  I haven't seen a lot of vintage stuff on the roads here, mostly newish Harley bagger stuff.  I'm hoping to find some pockets of vintage enthusiasts here (Heck, Barrington Motor Works is only 40 minutes away).  I'm pretty good with a wrench and enjoy a mechanical challenge so If you're nearby and need some help feel free to reach out. 


Posted : 02/18/2024 07:22
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Mike Buhler
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Hiya Mark, welcome from Newfoundland. I wish I had your NH beer tax!

Posted : 02/18/2024 07:29
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Richard W
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Welcome from Georgia !!

(We also speak Norton.)

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 02/19/2024 07:22
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Ethan Sandahl
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Hey Mark,

Greetings from a bit to your south!  Coming from Chicago we don't have to warn you about New England weather at least!  You named some great local resources to you Duncan's here in MA  is a great shop / supplier / source of knowledge as well.


Looking forward to the spring and having a few destinations to created journey's from!



Posted : 02/19/2024 18:47
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Michael Benko
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Greetings Mark!

I'm in Philadelphia, but will be venturing up to New London NH a few times a year on the airhead. I'll be sure to reach out and we can kick tires!


-Mike Benko

Posted : 02/19/2024 21:12
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David Elkow
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Hello, Mark!  From way down in south Texas. Good luck setting up your shop. 

Posted : 02/20/2024 08:23
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Nik Rende
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Hey Mark,

Welcome from next door!  I'm in Augusta and frequent Ande's shop to keep my 77RS going.  I'm hoping he's planning another open house this spring!  Looking forward to shaking your hand.

Maine Airmarshal.

Posted : 03/24/2024 12:46
Eric Morales
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Welcome Mark to the ABC crew!

Posted : 03/28/2024 17:39


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