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David Elkow
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@13780 well, I found it; “The Cat” (being referred to here) is a high speed ferry that operates between Nova Scotia and Maine.

Posted : 02/11/2024 11:54
Mike Buhler
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The "cat" he refers to is the catamaran that runs between Yarmouth, NS and Portland, ME. It goes fast and is a pretty nice ride. There have been years that it has not run so some prior investigation is a good idea. 

Posted : 02/13/2024 06:48
Ethan Sandahl
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The more I think about it, riding to Maine and then the Cat to Nova Scotia is really sounding like a fun trip to make happen!  Mike, I think we may have teased some interest 😉

Posted : 02/14/2024 16:06
Mike Buhler
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I've done that trip and I enjoyed it. For myself I didn't mind skipping New Brunswick as I've done that run many many times too. I would consider doing to both ways for maximum scenic effect.

Posted : 02/15/2024 06:35
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