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high revving R100GSPD

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Matt Wesselhoff
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Did a decent job of storing my '95GSPD for two years. Stabil, trickle charge, clean and dry...

To get back in action I took the carbs apart, cleaned them, new orings, floats/needle, gaskets. The large needle wasn't 100% smooth but seemed fine. Cables and mechanisms all free and clean. New gallon of gas.

Took a bit but the bike fired up, but immediately "idled" around 4000rpm (with no choke/enrichener). I got it down to 3000rpm (still no choke needed) by closing the air mixture screw down to a half turn opening, but it creeps up quickly. Did a two mile shake-out ride to no avail. It was as if I was constantly twisting the throttle to rev it to 4000rpm without needing to actually use the throttle
Air snorkels and tubes are tight on the carbs. I'll double check the diaphragms again.

The bike had been serviced less than 2,000 miles before I stored it, though that was over a two year period (while I rode my Oilhead...), so valves and timing should be at least fairly well set up still. Would love thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks from Bavaria.

Posted : 04/20/2016 09:21
Richard W
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Did a decent job of storing my '95GSPD for two years. Stabil, trickle charge, clean and dry...

Products like Stabil are good for several months, or even over a winter, but when you put up a bike for anything longer you should always drain all the fuel from the tank and carbs. Popping the float bowls off would have been so easy and saved you so much time and effort. Not only does the ethanol fuel go bad and attract water to rust out the tank, but it can also run into the sump and dilute the engine oil if the petcocks weep.

Your issue could be gummed up enricheners, but may also be related to a gummed up auto advance unit.

Good luck.

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 04/22/2016 00:29


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