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R75/5 brake cable guide

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Jon Krauss
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I don't have a lot of experience on /5 Airheads but started doing an overhaul on one I've had sitting for a while. Went through the front forks and replaced the front brake cable for peace of mind. There was a little wire bracket that is #6 in the OEM fiche:

Not really helpful as a parts picture.  The large loop was around the cable but not attached to anything else.

I have reached out to others but no success. Is is BMW NLA, but still on some aftermarket parts sites inn Stainless.

Any /5 guys who can help and maybe send a pic of the placement?


Posted : 12/31/2022 13:06
Tim Hille
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So, I have the same part on my /5 and went dow to see where it was placed.  When I found it, I remembered that I had the same question as you and did not yet get it answered.  Here is a photo of where mine is.  I will now endeavor to find it's proper placement and use - you have motivated me.  I do see that Boxer 2-Valve sells it in SS, so they must know where and how it fits.  




Posted : 01/01/2023 11:35
Richard W
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Posted by: @14325

Here is a photo of where mine is.

This site only accepts JPG format photos. Can you please convert that and re-submit ?


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Posted : 01/01/2023 15:13


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