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Brown side stand question

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Richard Braun
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I'd like to and a Browns side stand on my R60/6.  Is there a procedure for getting rid of the stock side stand?

Posted : 08/20/2023 06:58
Mike Buhler
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I just put one on my R100 RS. It was simply unscrewing the bolts and putting on the new one. Took all of 8 minutes. 

Posted : 08/21/2023 09:19
David Elkow
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Saw a FB post recently with same question, but R75/5. The response was;

Take the nut off the motor mount bolt slide it back far enough to remove the spacer that goes between the frame and engine with the spring, you should be able to remove the stand and spring, replace the spacer and nut  

apparently, it worked for the /5. Not sure if same applies for yours. 

Posted : 08/22/2023 12:37
Joe Hall reacted


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