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Stored '83 R100 RS needs some restorative TLC

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Richard Whatley
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Posted by: @16813

Rick has a wiring harness for me, that should make life easier. 

It looks like you have two VDO gauges in place of the stock MotoMeter ones. So you'll still need to make 2 "Y cables" to split the Return (Brown wire) at both gauges, and then construct the fuse holder as recommended for the Clock.


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Posted : 05/13/2023 05:47
Mike Buhler
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Rick is going to sell me the whole wiring harness for the front of the bike which includes the signal lights as well. Sadly it's backordered right now. 

Got the carbs back on and got hit out of the basement with a little help. Now I just need to do the carb adjustment and balance the carbs. 

Right now I am in the middle of getting it insured and registered. I'm about to pull my hair out dealing wth the woman on the phone with insurance. English is not her first language which makes it more challenging and I'm pretty sure she's never had someone put up 4 bikes at the same time before either. 

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Posted : 05/23/2023 09:27
Mike Buhler
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Its now registered to me so I guess it's officially in my stable.

It fired right up but spun up to redline pretty quick. I dialled back the idle screws a bit and now it doesn't want to start again despite that being the only adjustment I made. Slightly frustrating as the carbs is the last thing before being on the road!

Posted : 06/02/2023 03:40
James Strickland
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I will assume that there is a choke lever on the left side of the handlebar. Confirm that the action of the enrichment levers on the inboard sides of the carbs is actually working in concert with the choke lever. There is a splitter called a Bowden connector that transfers the action of the choke lever to the enricher cables that go to the carbs. It's sort of a 1 into 2 cable transfer device. If the Bowden is not fixed to the frame, the cable action can be compromised. 

Another consideration is to make sure that the enricher take up jets in the bottom of the float bowls are clear. You are looking for a column cast in the float bowl that corresponds with a brass tube that protrudes from the bottom of the carbs. The jet in the bottom of the column can get blocked with crud. When this condition exists, it can seriously degrade the cold start function. Have you ever heard an Airhead that sounds like it is running on 1 cylinder when it first starts?, that is usually the cause.  When functioning properly, the enrichment system should supply sufficient fuel to start the motor with maybe a slight blip of the throttle when it tries to fire.

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Posted : 06/02/2023 07:23
Mike Buhler
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I will double check the cable activation and the jets should be all good form the rebuild. I tried to make sure all of them were clear and good. 

Posted : 06/03/2023 08:40
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