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February 2013 Airmail Feedback Wanted

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Greg Hutchinson
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I finally got the new Airmail yesterday.

Looking at the management lineup, is this a parody, or has the reconstituted BoD elevated the EGO definition to a new level?

When the MOA went through something similar back in the early ‘90s, they had just crossed $1M in revenue, and I can’t remember a single MOA Chartered Club that had a CFO. Grand Pupah, money bags, and other fun titles. BUT CFO meant corporate with rules and responsibilities. For MOA, RA, and Chartered Clubs, it was always Treasurer.

But a CFO for a small in size, about $80K in annual revenue, locally fun, and minimal By-Law structure? Look up the definition.

The chief financial officer (CFOs) holds the top financial position in an organization. They are responsible for tracking cash flow and financial planning and analyzing the company's financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing strategic directions.”

So instead of an elected Chair who by definition should be responsible for strategy, I guess he’s surrendered that sorta critical thinking to the new CFO, who now has created a dotted line staff with a Treasurer…that’s usually the way these things work…when they reach a lot bigger critical mass.

The Club has a highly competent Treasurer who knows the numbers and could easily handle what should be an easy quarterly or annual P&L, Budget, and Balance sheet…if given the direction by the BoD. So I guess the Board doesn’t care if the members might like to know what goes on with their dues and expenses. So what's the CFO going to be doing exactly?

This may sound like minor nitpicking, but it demonstrates the character and direction of the leadership.

Big bag of popcorn to see how this all plays out over time. Maybe they’ll decide to offer a stock offering.

Posted : 02/05/2023 11:24
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Frank Jarrell
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Posted by: @rtpilot

I agree with a previous observation. the "new improved $2000" Airmail is kind of -Meh-.  glossy (better be for $2K!!!)  ...

What I do not like is the so called letters section where it was very obvious that the person picking the letters cherry-picked letters to make the whole situation seem much less contentious....



You might ask how much Jan was being paid to produce the Airmail. Jan also had a reputation of cherry picking what got included in the Airmail. Que the discussion of Cherry picking verses being an editor. Important points to ponder.

Personally I liked the Feb issue of the Airmail. Hopefully that is the standard for future issues. I also liked the previous version. I like the Renegade articles, but could have done without the Airmail's political commentary.

Keep in mind Jan set up the way the club is run and how the DOD is selected. THE BOD has every right to run the club as it is set up. The difficulty in communication is more because the way the club is spread out rather than bad intent on anybodies part.


Posted : 02/06/2023 14:06
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Robert Whigham
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. Yes

Posted : 02/07/2023 11:01
Bret Williams
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@frankj Editors always cherry pick. Editors also comment. NYT editorial will always have a liberal slant e.g.

Posted : 02/08/2023 08:24
Eric Zwicky
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Posted by: @bret
@frankj Editors always cherry pick. Editors also comment. NYT editorial will always have a liberal slant e.g.

Yeah but that's a journal, not a hobbyist newsletter.  Why would anything to do with Airheads need to have political / social / slanted "commentary"?     Just keep the subject matter relevant.    That's what we (I anyway) pay for.   Airhead-related stuff.    The editor should create a magazine for Airheads (bikes and riders).   Edit for spelling, brevity, style, layout etc.    

Regarding the other guy who said the letters to the editor were cherry-picked to favor the "trio", I just went back and looked and it sure seems to me to be a wide sampling, slightly in favor of the "duo", but seems to be representative of what I've read in comments in this forum.

In any case, I like the new magazine and hope the new editors keep it up and incorporate constructive criticism and suggestions as it evolves.

Eric Zwicky

Richmond VA

ABC 13780

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Posted : 02/08/2023 09:16
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Eric Morales
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@13749 Hear Hear sir! Well said!! 🍻 🍻 🍻

Posted : 02/08/2023 15:58
Edward Adams
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@ian-schmeisser   Wait, a canon was changed? What did I miss?  I recall no commentary to the members about changes to the canons.    ahh in the February issue it is changed. With the words " friends over friction" removed.

Is this allowed without membership approval?  WTH is going on at the board meetings? And why arent they communicating ANYTHING to us? This is being really inconsiderate to us.

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Posted : 02/08/2023 18:29
Brian Scott
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I love the new format. It brings a fresh perspective to the Airhead brand.

I didn't need the commentary and political crap in a club magazine. It became B. Jans personal soapbox. Also I've seen the old newsletter described by someone as "looking like a high school newsletter" and I think that sums it up. 

As far as Oak's articles, I don't care. I found them mildly interesting. Some of the info is very outdated and could lead new owners down the wrong path. There are many more writers providing volumes of information that is at your fingertips. A quick search any time of the day.

For a club to survive, especially in this fast moving world it must evolve or it will die.

Many folks can't seem to deal with change and are stuck in their ways. It they can't evolve, they need to step aside and let those who are willing to work to improve and save the club from extinction. I'm happy with the changes at the top, and want to see the improvements continue.




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Posted : 02/09/2023 06:21
David Elkow
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February issue it is changed. With the words " friends over friction" removed.

Embrace the friction. 

Posted : 02/09/2023 10:32
Dave Strachan
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Just received the "New and Improved " Airmail since I live in dark abyss called Canada. New ? Yes . Improved? Meh!  BOD will be patting each other on the backs I'm sure. Tech section is great! I'd still like to see Oaks stuff in there.  Profiles, interviews, not my thing. I  just reupped for a  couple more years, will play it by ear for now.  Another  thing I was wondering was ,why are membership  dates not shown  as our actual original  join date along with/ or alternatively our membership numbers? Asking for a friend. 


Posted : 02/18/2023 08:10
Terry Baldwin
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Posted by: @1669

Another  thing I was wondering was ,why are membership  dates not shown  as our actual original  join date along with/ or alternatively our membership numbers? Thats something I would like to know too. Been a member for 23+years

  Terry Baldwin #4339


Posted : 02/18/2023 18:10
chris stone
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new airmail, congratulations a breath of fresh air. Looks professional and nicely done, look forward to more like this.

Tough decisions over the last few months, well done board of directors for pushing though with changes.

Having some one new for technical article's would be good way forward, there is with brooks ream, boxer two valves, tom cutter and I am sure a few others out there to continue writing 

As for digital it is the way to go, far better for international readers, I read digital  newspaper from England, the the readership has increased and they are more profitable than when just a print edition  

Posted : 02/19/2023 16:40
John Deikis
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 I bought my first airhead in 1968 and still enjoy riding to rallies on my R75/5. I joined the ABC because of Airhead Central at a national BMW rally some years back. It certainly was not for the newsletter/magazine that came with my membership. Overall, the design and layout of the publication resembled my high school newspaper. However, I've saved all my old Airmails and I always read Oak's stuff first. But, to be honest, I could never remember the volume of information and detail he shared with us every month. I read the "Renegades series" with delight each time it appeared, skimmed through the local reports, and skipped Jan's occasional "commentaries." I'd just as soon get it digitally and save the club (or me) some money. Perhaps it could even be searchable.

Airmail now looks better than ever but has room for improvement. Some suggestions have already been voiced here and probably others have been sent directly to the editor. More "how-to" tech articles and historical stuff would likely be of interest to new owners, although Dr. Google seems to be the first place people go when they want to know if all R51's were black or if they really need to clean and grease their input splines. I believe a more attractive magazine will retain more members than will quit over the change.

If the BoD is actually reading these comments, I'd like to add something that does not relate to the magazine. You guys have a major credibility problem, if you haven't noticed. For the sake of the club, you MUST figure out how to re-engage the members who have felt ignored or manipulated by you.

1. Transparency has been suggested repeatedly.

2. Broadened rank-and-file access to governance might also be considered.

3. Perhaps Board minutes should be more detailed.

4. Perhaps they should be sent out by email so people are informed in a timely manner. Although I still run points and condenser ignition on my bike, we are living in an electronic world. This is 2023 and maybe we should not have to wait for the postal service to bring us Board news.

Please don't just wait for this to blow over. And thanks to those Airmarshals and directors who have been willing to volunteer their time for the Airheads Beemer Club.


Posted : 02/26/2023 21:30
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